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December 2011

Meeting, Eating, Networking

Jewish business groups wrap up 2011.

Post-Gilad Shalit Chanukah Thoughts

Righteous people are judged by higher standards.

Challenges & Opportunities

The potentially profound effect this demographic has on Orange County’s Jewish community is immeasurable.

Connect to Israel

Visiting Israel connects us to the core of our identity.

Teen Adventures

BBYO builds a sukkah at Temple Bat Yahm.

A Harvest of Hate

Justice must be served.

Simchat Potter

We Jews really, really love our books.

Creating Family Traditions

Here are eight favorite ways to make Chanukah meaningful.

December in Israel

Holidays take on a very different tone than they do in America.

Unusual Gifts and Foods

Celebrate Chanukah in style and comfort this year.

Acoustical & Accessible

Soka University Performing Arts Center in Aliso Viejo puts state-of-the-art facility in south county

Working with Light

Soka University presents Arie A. Galles as part of its 10th Anniversary celebration.

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