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February 2013

Sense of Mystery

Familiarity is comforting.

The Rabbi and the President

Moment of silence would let children meditate on a Divine being.

Accepting Belief

“Freedom of choice” is a major theme of Parashah Yitro.

Adar and Purim Time

When Adar begins, we make merry.

Time to Invest Overseas Again

Markets in Israel and elsewhere are booming.

Call to Action

School shootings must stop now.

Balance of Power

The 21st Century Jewish Woman

Capturing Stories for Future Generations

GEN-2-GEN uses cutting-edge technology to tell future generations about their roots.

Let the Games Begin

The 2013 JCC Maccabi Games are coming to a JCC near you.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Julia Bendis finds joy in connecting people.

A Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gift Guide

Give your teen a meaningful gift for this rite of passage.

Partying on Purim

The meal is a mitzvah.

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