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January 2013

Entering 2013

New Year offers lots of possibilities.

Community Scholar Program Schedule

Community Scholar Program Schedule in January 2013

Beyond the B’nai Mitzvah

How do we keep teens in the fold?

Just a Tactic

Why was there war in Gaza?

Among Giants

Daughter should follow in footsteps of powerful ancestors.

Double Standard

We should build in Jerusalem.

Leaders in the Field

Moses rose from humble origins to become a great leader.

Another Success Story

Caesarstone products capitalize on building boom around the world.

Senior Calendar

Senior Events in the O.C.

The Great Divide

A Man Hears What He Wants to Hear

Global Threat

Keeping an Eye on Jihad

People of the Image

Marc Michael Epstein, the 12th month-long scholar in the Community Scholar Program, explores the Jewish relationship with visual art.

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