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July 2010

“Young, Broke and Kosher”

Reina Victoria Kutner takes her recipes and her kosher journey to the Internet.

A Flotilla-for-Fun to Attila the Hun?

Who in the world runs private “supply ships” through naval blockades?

Three Strikes and You Are Out

Israel must hold on to Gaza.

On Being “Right”

Courageous zealousness is its own reward.

Flotilla Facts

The route of the vessels in the flotilla indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade in violation of international law.

On the Lighter Side

Sharing a desk causes anguish.

Creative Caterer

K-Kosher gives owner a chance to give back.

Kids Konnection

Synagogue feels like home.

Karen Green’s Kitchen

Summer Pitted Fruit Desserts

Fun and Flotillas

“Laughing for charity” provides much-needed respite from dour spirits.

Cool for Summer

Icicles frozen yogurt is healthy, Kosher, and good.

Celebrating Orange County’s Jewish History

The Mendelson family settled in San Juan Capistrano.

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