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July 2011

Society Roundup

Women’s Philanthropy Installs Board

Are Two States a Real Solution??

Israeli concessions have not brought about peace.


Man must accept his own relative insignificance.

On the Lighter Side

Banning circumcision has implications.

Kids Konnection

Encourage your children to make their Mitzvah projects substantial.

The Jewish Soup

Schtik.com offers the matzo ball complement to social networking.

Seventy-Six Days To Go

Here is what UN delegates owe to Israel.

Small World, After All

Richard Sherman returns to roots of his work with new version of Mary Poppins.

Karen Green’s Kitchen

July 4, a Party in the Park

Taking a Bow

JStage performers wow audience with Fiddler.


All of us have the opportunity to convert into something kinder.

Celebrating Orange County’s Jewish History

Sharon Bernstein, New Miss Anaheim

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