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June 2010

Campus Currents

Greek Beacon AEPi at Fullerton revives Jewish life on campus.

Choice Words

Enough Is Enough Campuses must condemn anti-Israel activities, and students must be ready to challenge fallacies.

Primary Perspectives

Jewish candidates are cropping up everywhere.

Karen Green’s Kitchen

A Summer of Sensational Salads, Bright with Flavor and Color

Kids Konnection

Reading Torah is a rewarding challenge.

LIFE Gets it Right

Program develops graduate skills and helps young people make a better world.

On the Lighter Side

Are Gen-Xers reaching midlife crisis?

Memorial Day, 2010

The ongoing and seemingly never-ending price for our freedom in the land God promised us is inhumanly high.

Provider Potpourri

Check out some of the local innovations in medicine and wellness.

Seeing What We Want

Israel was promised to us.

Reality Check

Let’s turn the tables at UCI.

Shattering the Myths about Fibromyalgia Pain

Clinician explores misunderstood syndrome in new book.

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