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June 2011

Society Roundup

May Brings Honorees, Graduations

Essence of Empowerment

YEDID helps Israelis master their lives and the problems they face.

The View from Majdal Shams

Nakba incidents emphasize Israel’s precarious position.

Pioneering Perspective

Rabbi Miri Gold strives for religious pluralism in Israel.

Is Torah History or Belief?

Belief is something we cannot prove.

Women and Love

Megilat Ruth was conceived as an ode to lovingkindness.

The Next Generation

Mazel Tov to all those completing a year of Jewish learning. Now it’s time to get started.


Living Haggadah and More

Israel’s New National Library

Expansion will open collection to ten million online visitors a year.

On the Lighter Side

Try to explain evil to a child – or not.

Kids Konnection

We need to welcome strangers into our fold.

Karen Green’s Kitchen

Dairy Dishes Even Dad Will Love, Plus Other Celebrations

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