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March 2014

Kids Unplugged

How to get your kids to “re-engage” with the world around them.

Tasty Lessons

How food is used to teach our children nutritious habits.

Just Do It!

Beat those blues with fun exercise.

Look Below the Surface

Finding inspiration in lessons of the past.

High heels for Bat Mitzvah?

What to do when your daughter puts her foot down.

Feeding the Hungry Soul

Important life lessons can be taught with acts of kindness.

Teach Them to Squeeze a Lemon

How life’s struggles can strengthen your child.

Empowerment vs. Threats & Ultimatums

How do you “choose” to communicate with your child?

Saving a Treasure

Israeli government needs to step up.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

A grateful mother reflects on son’s military service.

Ode to Cheese

Breakup makes the heart melt.

Am I Ultra?

Labels belie insecurity of others.

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