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May 2012

Reflections on the Voice

Cantor Shula Kalir-Merton retires

Pesach for the Generations

Olam Jewish Montessori and Bubbe & Zayde’s Place come together for Passover.

Trusted Resource

Mt. Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries serve the living while honoring the deceased.

Cheesecake Holiday

Why do we celebrate Shavuot with dairy products?

Between Paris and Tel Aviv

The struggle for justice continues for the family and friends of a hit-and-run victim.

Twenty- Five Years (but who’s counting?)

University Synagogue celebrates its Silver Anniversary.

Looking for the Sunlight

ZOA addresses “Combatting Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism on College Campuses.”

Interactive Theme Park

Israel Bible Valley will engage all ages to teach people about Biblical times.

Kedoshim: “Be Holy”

Practice holiness everywhere.

We Love Israel

Celebrate with us at the 2012 Israel Expo.

The Real Decider

What is the critical factor in deciding if Israel should attack Iran?

Aligning Pocket and Heart

TVT expands financial aid program to embrace families affected by the Great Recession.

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