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September 2016

Princess for A Day

The importance of self-care and reflection.

Daily Spiritual Check-Up

Encourage kids to discover and celebrate their accomplishments.

It’s All About the Children

Rediscovering the beauty of the Chagim.

Party with a Plan

Help your young adults navigate the dreaded college party scene.

Kosher Dog

Meet September's Top Dawg!

As The Shofar Blasts

Sounds of our brokenness.

A Word About “Choice”

Drowning out the “noise” of life.

WTF, Spain?

The importance of passing on our heritage.

Praying With Sinners

Opening the gates of our hearts.

The Winds of Elul are Blowing

It’s always a good time for forgiveness.

Tango, Matzo Balls & Southern Hospitality

Meet Arlene Miller, the New President & CEO of JFFS

Congregation B’nai Tzedek Celebrates 40 Years

A two-part look at the history and future of the little temple that could.

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